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April 17

April 17 2022 AM Leonard VandenBerg Ex Ch 12

April 17 2022 PM Serge Leger “The Resurrection”

Jan 5

Wednesday Night Bible Study: Introduction to The Book of John



DOWNLOAD PDF of the John Outline by clicking in this link: Outline_John

Wed Jan5th 2022 Leonard VandenBerg John Introduction

August 4

Wed Aug 4 2021 Leonard VandenBerg Rev ch 12

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Leonard VandenBerg Revelation 12

Click here to view and download NOTES in PDF format: Revelation_12_Notes


March 17

Wednesday Night Prayer & Bible Study

Leonard VandenBerg Introduction to Prophecy (Revelation Study)


We are beginning our study of Revelation. Starting with Leonard VandenBerg giving us an  Introduction to Prophecy.

Prophecy_Overview_Notes click on text to download the PDF of all of Leonard’s Speaking Notes on Prophecy Overview.

ProphecyTimeline Click on Text to download the Prophecy Timeline in PDF.
The Notes PDF also contains this chart. But if you only want to print the one page then download this one.

Revelation_Chart_byLV_March_2021 Click on Words to download the Revelation in Chronological Order Chart


July 19, 2020

Sunday PM Message:  Martin Crozier – Old Testament Survey
(Why we should study the Old Testament)    — Martin starts speaking at the 5:25 mark —

Please note: The Zoom message was not record. This is Martin’s You-Tube message, he spoke at Oakwood Chapel in 2018, which he claims is very similar.

Click on this link to view and download: Timeline Graphic 07.19.20

Dec 23, 2018

[audio:|title=Dec 23 2018 am Leonard VandenBerg]

Dec 23 2018 AM Leonard VandenBerg: Immanuel – The Deity of Christ in Matthew’s Gospel

[audio:|title=Dec 23 2018 pm Wayne Guindon]

Dec 23 2018 PM Wayne Guindon

June 21

June 21, 2015 AM John DeVries – By grace are you saved

[audio:|title=June 21, 2015 AM John DeVries]

June 21 2015 PM Grant Canfield – Lessons from the life of King Asa

[audio:|title=June 21 2015 PM Grant Canfield]



September 21

Sept 21 2014 AM Sid Halsband – Subject: How can a God of love send people to hell?

[audio:|title=Sept 21 2014 AM Sid Halsband]

Sept 21 2014 PM Sid Halsband – Mission Report on Botswana & South Africa

[audio:|title=Sept 21 2014 PM Sid Halsband]