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Fall Conference 2010

Friday [audio:|titles=OCT 22 2010 FRI JOHN ALDOM]

Saturday 2PM [audio:|titles=Oct 23 2pm John Aldom]

Saturday 3:30 [audio:|titles=Oct 23 330 PM Paul Robertson]

Saturday Night [audio:|titles=Oct 23 630 PM John Aldom]

Sunday Morning [audio:|titles=Oct 24 2010 11AM John Aldom]

Sunday 2PM [audio:|titles=Oct 24 2pm 2010 John Aldom]

Sunday 3:30 [audio:|titles=Oct 24 330PM Paul Robertson]

Sunday Night [audio:|titles=Oct 24 2010 630PM John Aldom]

Focus 2010 – with Glen Abriel

Click the links to download.  Press play to listen from here.

Friday Night [audio:|titles=Glen, Friday PM]

Saturday Morning [audio:|titles=Glen, Sat AM]

Saturday Afternoon [audio:|titles=Glen, Sat AFT]

Saturday Night [audio:|titles=Glen, Sat PM]

Sunday Morning [audio:|titles=Glen, Sun AM]

Sunday Night [audio:|titles=Glen, Sun PM]

Fall Conference 2009

The Charlottetown Bible Chapel Fall Conference held on October 2009 has been recorded and in now available for download in MP3 format.
Click to view/stream online. Right-click and “save link as…” to download.

Fall Conference 09 – Calvinism & Salvation

David Dunlap
01 Calvinism Current Trends
02 Calvinism & the Person of Christ
03 Total Depravity
04 Election
05 Psalm 32
06 One-Naturism & Limited Atonement

Dennis LeBlanc
01 Joseph
02 Christ-like Living

Presentations & Handouts
Calvinism Handout, Christ & The Origin of Sin,
Election / Depravity, Limited Atonement,
One Naturism, Regeneration, Center of the Ages