April 10, 2024

Bible study questions to help you study for
our Wednesday Night Bible Study in Acts 10

1) Why was it necessary that Cornelius received a vision from the Lord? Why did the Lord not just tell Peter to go to Cornelius, similar to how Phillip was told to meet the eunuch in chapter 8?

2) How does Peter’s vision of the unclean animals relate to the mission Peter was instructed to undertake in this chapter?

3) Verse 6 and 9:43 say that Peter stayed with Simon, a tanner. What is a tanner? What did the laws mentioned in Leviticus 11 mean for Simon the tanner and how does that compare with Peter’s vision in vs. 9-16?

4) What is wrong with Peter’s response to God in Acts 10:14?

5) In verse 28 Peter says that it was unlawful for him to associate with someone of another nation. Was he right about this? What does the Old Testament say about this? What did the Lord Jesus do in the Gospels?

6) Reading Peter’s Gospel message (vs. 34-43), what can we learn about what we should tell the unbelievers?

7) What reason did the Lord have with letting these new believers speak in tongues? Compare 1 Corinthians 14:21-22.